What’s New

New Features

Inline Nested Input Panels

A new design for intuitive and faster use of input panels in Applications. Read more here  

  Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph, the improved replacement for Connection Graphs allow for more flexibility and can accurately visualize associations with multiple attributes used as connections. Read more here

inorigo Launcher A brand new Launcher has been introduced for the Model Builder and Application Builder clients. Java Webstart has been replaced with a new Launcher that downloads and installs all the necessary java files automatically. The modules are opened in the same way as before, through your inorigo Workbench. Read more about the Launcher here

Parameters in Knowledge Sets

A new interface has been introduced for handling Parameters in Knowledge Sets

Component handling

Component layering management

Selecting a component no longer places it on top automatically. To manage layering, the following functions have been added to the right-click menu.

Bring to Front =Target component is placed at top front

Bring Forward = Target component moves 1 step forward from its position in the layers

Send to Back = Target component is placed at the very back

Send Backward = Target component moves 1 step backward from its position in the layers.

Copy and Paste Components

All types of components can now be copied and pasted. Right-click a components header/anywhere in a panel to copy/paste .  

All components that are copied and pasted holds the same settings and links as the original component. Read more about the functionality here

Multi Component Selection From the View Navigator, multiple components can now be selected simultaneously for multiple copy or delete. Add to your selection by using CTRL + Click

Save Selections Selections in Applications can now be bookmarked with customized tab focuses and distributed within the team. Simply press to book mark your selections.

And use Load selection or your workbench libraries to find bookmarked selections. Read more about Save Selections here  

Focused Application components and panels via the URL A simple variable can be used to set a focused component or panel when an Application is loaded. Simply add the following parameter to the URL &focus= targeting the components ID/name/variable name. The functionality allows for multiple focuses in applications with split panels, use save selections or direct URLs to access your custom focuses. The parameter is also available over the API. Read more about Application focus here

Curly Brackets can now be used in Expressions A new and preferred way to write variables in expressions have been introduced; To enclose the variable name in {Curly Brackets}. Example of Person presentation: {First Name} + ” ” + {Last Name} Notice that the other way of writing variables with @ remains applicable.

Export Knowledge Sets

A new button has been added that quickly exports a Knowledge Set to a CSV format. This format can easily be converted in the spreadsheet programs like Excel, read more about it here

Unique rows in Knowledge Sets A Boolean that forces distinct rows only in Knowledge Sets has been added to the Knowledge Set Builder.  

Improved Terminal The Terminal in System Management has been improved with new filtering possibilities.  

Inline External Authentication Email and full name in inorigo User E-mail and Full Name has been added to the inorigo User (UnUser), these attributes are supported by the LDAP Tool in User Management.


Positive override on unique rows in Knowledge Sets

Set component focus

Enabled inline login and new methods for external authentication

See API documentation (web services) for additional information.

Improved Features

(4.10.1) Improved performance in recursive filter components

Recursive filter components based on relations have a significant performance improvement.

(4.10.1) Notification added to attributes that are expression based in Knowledge Set Builder

Certain expression based attributes have negative impact on the performance of knowledge sets. Users can distinguish such attributes from regular ones when building Knowledge Sets.

(4.10.1) Definitions for Filter components deriving from Knowledge Sets are now automatically given

This enables functionalities for filter components that requires a defining unit in the search panel, such as quick setup for nested input panels.

(4.10.1) Connection Graph reinstated

Since the Knowledge Graph and Connection Graph differentiate in how certain structures are visualized, both graphs are now available for use.

(4.10.1) Visual improvements to input panels

Expand-card icons have been replaced and visualization of association multiplicity is more consistent with attribute multiplicity.

(4.10.1) Confirmation addded user goes backwards/forwards in browser for popups and unsaved changes

To prohibit accidental loss of data users are asked before going backwards in the Workbench and Applications whenever a dialog is open.

(4.10.1) Required OpenJDK libraries included in inorigo


Clarifications to Data Sources and Connections

When editing connections and Data sources, the finish and next step button is removed. Users instead toggle to any desired step and are able to press save whenever a change has been applied.


$GET function improvement

$GET no longer throws an exception (“Get needs at least…”). Instead a null value is returned.


Redesigned Application Title- and Toolbar

The toolbar has been redesigned for a cleaner layout and housing of the new Save Selection functionality


Map Layers request now includes standard Spatial Reference

Accuracy of the world map plotting has been increased for the non standard referenced geographical locations.


Applications dialog opens when Application Builder is launched


The dialog for selecting an entity icon on the web has been improved and simplified


Class is now given for Calculated Filter Components and Calculated Columns in Data Sets

Application builder now sets the correct data type for Calculated Filter Components and Calculated Columns in Data Sets based on their actual content, making calculated content possible to aggregate.


Graphical Improvements

Sidebar close icon: The “pin” has been replaced with

Filter Editor run button: The play has been replaced with

All trash can icons has been replaced with .

Operational Improvements

Tomcat 9


Vaadin upgraded to 8.8.5 and charts upgraded to 4.2.0

inorigo 4.10 runs on the latest release of Tomcat, OpenSSL and Vaadin to ensure a secure environment.


Inform users about outdated browsers

Inorigo is fully supported by the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox (may require a plugin to display Xframes content in applications, Edge and Safari (Mac). Users with other browsers now receive a warning. This is to ensure that inorigo runs on browsers that are compatible with safe and up to date protocols and standards.

Resolved Issues




Fix Version(s) Key Summary
4.10.3 ID-4487 Model Builder – can’t create method
4.10.2 ID-4482 Security – removed potential backdoor
4.10.1 ID-4257 Join with Definition in Knowledge Set removes empty rows
4.10.1 ID-4240 Filter box – using a classification structure slows down application load time significantly
4.10.1 ID-4225 Long card titles aren’t truncated correctly
4.10.1 ID-4224 Generic Type Relation Rules is not inherited
4.10.1 ID-4215 Service API – any api where it is possible to define pagesize; returns totalPages: 0 when pageSize>totalSize
4.10.1 ID-4214 KS/Query crashes on reference – does match
4.10.1 ID-4205 ORT – inorigo Bugg?
4.10.1 ID-4134 Resource uploader – Images which are bigger than preview window is not scaled to fit window
4.10.1 ID-3947 Service API – try get KS through velocity returns 500
4.10.1 ID-3906 popup remains when going backwards/forwards in browser
4.10.1 ID-3903 No value in Knowledge Sets for expressionbased attributes
4.10.1 ID-3902 Quick Setup nested entry panel from a knowledge set based filter box
4.10 ID-4128 AVP – Can’t delete an entity with an “Is a kind of” relation (?)
4.10 ID-4075 Wrong variable names in Expression Editor
4.10 ID-4053 Global ID cache can be compromised by users
4.10 ID-4047 ArcGIS require SSL
4.10 ID-4031 Third Party Missing
4.10 ID-4019 Filter references in Knowledge Sets
4.10 ID-3889 Knowledge Set – right-click on any column header is bad
4.10 ID-3665 Calculated Filter Component does not appear in Application Navigator
4.10 ID-3462 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting in the “message” Parameter (login/login.jsp)
4.10 ID-3460 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting in the “redirect-on-success” Parameter (login/login.jsp)
4.10 ID-3452 Insecure SSL/TLS Cipher Suite Enabled
4.10 ID-3450 Frameable Response Due to Missing “X-Frame-Options”
4.10 ID-3449 HTTP Strict Transport Security not Configured
4.10 ID-3448 Information Disclosure – Apache Tomcat 8 – Documentation Pages
4.10 ID-3444 POST-Based Unvalidated Redirection in the “redirect-on-success” Parameter
4.10 ID-3441 Server Information Disclosure via API /services/open/serverinfo
4.10 ID-3440 Database Work Log Disclosure via API /services/open/database/work/log
4.10 ID-3328 Web Page expression – Get complains…


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